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Only an
exceptional grape
can give life to
an exceptional wine
Passion for the vineyard

Three generations of enthusiasm

Mention Pago de la Oliva and the conversation will veer towards one particular family and their project, which reflects an outpouring of passion as a result of falling in love with the land and the vineyard and partaking in what they experience and provide.

For three generations now, José Barbero has transmitted this way of living and experiencing the vines. His daughters and grandson also share it and drive forward his mission with enthusiasm and foresight.


After 30 years devoted to the vineyards, you decide to go your own way; your land, your grapes, your wines, your own flavor.

José Barbero

ECOVINO AWARDS 2020. Grand Gold Award

Our Deja vu 2019 harvests its first award, an award for the excellence of a rosé wine made as before.


Proud yet grateful for this award, an award that represents for us the recognition of the effort, dedication and enthusiasm with which we have made our first wine.

Our Wines

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