The perfect ecosystem

the perfect ecosystem
Organic grapes and the elaboration of certified wine.

After several years of conventional cultivation we realized that chemical treatments only led the vineyard to a condition of weakness and addiction, which solved some problems but generated others. We opted to stop using products that were not natural and began with a type of agriculture which respects the plant and the environment. Hence we observed how the plant was evolving positively, while continuing to work on creating a stable ecosystem that would allow this type of growth.

Currently only two treatments are used: one before budding, and adding sulfur, an essential practice in every vineyard. Knowing when to use these treatments, combined with a rigorous spring and winter pruning method, ensures everything works properly and makes organic farming easy.

When we started making our wines, we decided that the elaboration would also be organic; hence we hold organic certification both for our grapes and our wine production. A way to understand the field, to achieve the highest quality and to produce a final product free of pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Uva ecológica y elaboración de vino certificada
Organic wines